Risks and side effects of Plastic Surgery

Every surgical procedure, including plastic surgery, carries certain risks. Plastic Surgery could go wrong as it has many risks and side effects. Every week, cosmetic surgeons perform thousands of operations successfully. However, each patient should know that a treatment is never completely safe. The main risks of interventions in plastic and aesthetic surgery are: implant […]


The new Doctor Arthritis compression gloves for ladies

Considering more women than men are affected by arthritis and that you can’t hide arthritis gloves when you’re wearing them, the British Medical Company Doctor Arthritis developed a new range of copper infused compression gloves especially for the ladies. When tasks such as typing on your computer or driving cause you pain, wearing non-invasive arthritis […]


What Vitamins Does Medical Cannabis Contain?

An important part of the medical cannabis movement is the shift from seeing cannabis as a drug to seeing it as a food.  THC, the main psychoactive ingredient in cannabis, is a stimulant that increases appetite, but there is so much more to cannabis.  Some of the nutritional value in cannabis edibles comes from the […]


Palm Beach Mens Rehab

While it’s admirable that there are many women’s homes that treat alcoholism and addiction – and there should be – the fact is that the majority of people suffering from addiction are men. Reportedly, men are three times as likely to suffer from problems with drugs or alcohol than women are, leaving them more susceptible […]


7 Tips for a Healthy Pregnancy

If you’re expecting a baby or planning to conceive in the future, there are things that you can do while pregnant to look after your health and the well-being of your child. Taking the right precautions will help ensure a healthy delivery and may eliminate certain complications. Keep Exercising You may think that exercising while […]


What are steroids and are they safe to use?

These days there are many websites, companies and channels which are talking about the steroids and how they are safe to use. In the past people did not have much information or easy access to steroids and supplements. However, now more and more people are getting interested in these things as they are said to […]


Dealing with Elbow Pain and Complications

There are many people all over the world who face pain in their elbows. Many times, people face pain in their elbows and think nothing much of it and ignore the pain. The problem with ignoring the pain is that it causes problems for the future. Ignoring your main in your elbows is never a […]

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Why Synthetic Isolates Are Not Holistic Nutrients?

Plain diet cannot suffice the prescribed nutrient intake, which makes nutritional deficiency a major problem in maintaining well-being. Due to this fact, more and more vitamins and supplements are quickly proliferating and becoming readily available for consumption in the international market as an answer to this. However, in spite of its ubiquity, there has been […]


Sacroiliac Joint Dysfunction

A human body has many different joints in all over the body. All these joints have been made of tough fibers. These joints attach one part of a body to another part. For example, the joints of the fingers attach it with hands and the joints of a hand attach the hand with the arm […]

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Cannabis vs. Tobacco: Which Is Worse for Your Dental Health?

In an ongoing debate that seemingly will never end, many are talking about what sort of adverse health effects smoking marijuana or using cannabis vape pens over smoking cigarettes will have on the body. For decades now it has been common knowledge that cigarettes wreak havoc on the body, negatively affecting literally every organ you […]