A Healthy Heart for A Healthy Living – How You Can Prevent Heart Bypass Surgery

A Bypass Surgery is a surgery performed as a result of the Coronary Artery Disease which blocks up coronary arteries in your heart and prevents circulation of oxygen and blood. A Heart Bypass Surgery takes arteries from a different part of your body and bypasses the blocked arteries in your heart, providing proper oxygenation and […]


Know In Details About the Umpteen Number of Advantages of Gender Selection in New York

Choosing the gender of the baby has been a dream for us from years. With the innovation of modern technology, it is no longer impossible to choose the gender of your baby. It may look weird but the development of science has made this possible and parents can now choose their favorite gender before they […]


How to Feel Good in Your Skin with Cosmetic Medical Procedures

Many women are unhappy with one or more aspects of their body. Especially after the body has gone through the great attempt of birth, there are many side-effects that can affect the well-being and confidence of a woman. There are various treatments that were invented to solve these issues or at least to help with […]


Developing Good Oral Health Habits

There are a lot of different things that are important for your everyday health but you should definitely not consider skipping your oral health. Oral health is important for a number of reasons. Oral health is something that needs to start at a young age. If you start to protect your oral health when you […]


Facts must be known about HIV and AIDS

HIV is a retrovirus which attacks the cells of the human immune system and other important organs. The virus multiply in human body and the rate depends upon some factors like the age of the victim, body’s capacity to fight against HIV, proper access to medical facilities, existence of other germs and illness, genetic heritance […]


How an Experienced Periodontist can Help Improve Your Overall Health

When people get referred to a specialist, it often causes them to worry. That’s because when a doctor refers you to a specialist, it could mean he or she suspects a serious health condition. In the case of oral health problems, it gets even more daunting. But seeing an experienced periodontist is not something you […]


7 Signs that a Massage May be the Best Treatment for Your Ailments

Some people automatically take over-the-counter pills and pain relievers whenever they feel out of sorts, but that’s not always a good thing. It’s even worse if they take illegal drugs or perhaps drink too much alcohol. Others overindulge with too much food just to make themselves feel better. But if you’re not feeling all that […]


Top 7 Reasons to Obtain Family Health Insurance

If you have a family, you need to get family health insurance. When you’re a parent and you have people depending on you, then it’s a no-brainer. Just in case you still don’t understand or you’re under the mistaken belief that you don’t need it, here are some compelling reasons to reconsider your decision. It’s […]


9 Benefits of Video Conferencing with Psychotherapists

  Face to face sessions are still the gold standard for psychotherapy these days for  psychotherapists in Montreal. However, sometimes it’s not possible to be in the same room. In that case, a session using video conferencing tools is the next best thing. Of course there are concerns about the very nature of online psychotherapy. Security […]


How Can Psychologists Tell If You Are Psychologically Healthy?

For West Island psychologists  and other experts in psychological health, our mental and emotional well-being is not something we should take lightly. So, how can you know if you need help, or if you’re psychologically healthy? Perhaps you should begin by doing a self-examination. If you are mentally and emotionally healthy, you will tend to […]